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LPI  is the largest, vendor-neutral, open source professional body in the world whose globally recognise certifications enable our members to advance their careers by providing employers with assurance as to the technical competence and professionalism of our members. 

With its world wide community of open source professionals in 180 countries LPI is able to leverage the experience of its members in a range of environments from large enterprises to non-profit and small and medium businesses operating in developing countries to ensure its qualifications provide relevant and needed skills.

LPI Southern Africa

LPI Southern Africa is the master affiliate for LPI in Southern Africa. The Southern Africa region includes:

  • South Africa,
  • Namibia,
  • Botswana,
  • Zimbabwe,
  • Mozambique,
  • Angola,
  • Zambia,
  • Malawi

Our mission is to assist with economic development and increase the employment opportunities for IT professionals across the region providing relevant skills and levels of professionalism via our members. 

The 4th Industrial Revolution & Challenges for Southern Africa

As the 4th industrial revolutions gathers pace LPI aims to ensure our members and certificate holders have the skill necessary to thrive in the new, ever changing environment, and to he;p members assist their regions in benefiting from the opportunities that it brings.

Although the 4th industrial revolution will cause wide-spread disruption in industry and  labour market LPI aims to take advantages on the opportunities presented by the disruption and open source technologies to empower our members to acquire relevant and needed skills. Whether these skills are deployed on behalf of employers or by entrepreneurs looking to build the next successful business is up to our members. 

Kick Start Your Career With Linux Essentials

The open source job market is booming with employers offering above average salaries and perks to hire and retain those willing to learn and get certified.

The 2016 open source Jobs Report by IT hiring platform Dice and The Linux Foundation states 65 percent of hiring managers say open source hiring will increase more than any other employment opportunities, and 79 percent have increased incentives to retain their current open source employees.

Wondering how you can benefit from the open source skills shortage? LPI provides a clear career progression path with our certifications from Linux Essentials, through our LPIC-1 and 2 certifications to our advanced LPIC-3 level certifications.



There are 2 million unfilled IT jobs globally.



85% of organizations utilize Linux within their infrastructure.
- Novell



44% of hiring managers are increasing salaries for open source talent over other departments.
- Open Source Jobs Report



43% of organizations are offering more flexible work hours and telecommuting.
- Open source Jobs Report



92% of employers said IT certified individuals receive higher starting salaries than those without.
- CompTIA HR Perceptions of IT Training and Certification Study


87% of organizations say it’s hard to find open source talent.
- Open Source Jobs Report




We are the Master Affiliate Training Partner for the following regions in Southern Africa.

South Africa  -  Namibia  -  Botswana  -  Zimbabwe  -  Mozambique  -  Angola  -  Zambia  -  Malawi

LPI South Africa Training Partners



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